Modo Bloc


Modo Bloc is a property development and land acquisition company. We specialise in a variety of different development and investment opportunities from Residential to commercial. We try and find unloved properties or land parcels to either refurbish or build from scratch to maximise our returns on investment, with an ethical and environmental spin.

Modo Bloc works predominantly in the North East with its head office in Newcastle Upon Tyne. However moving forward we intend to expand further across the UK.

Over the years we have created exceptional partnerships with clients, service providers and financiers.

Modo Bloc


Modo Bloc delivers consistency and accountability. Our open minded approach to opportunity is what makes us different.

We adopt a fair and ethical stance in all of our dealings, from initial site sourcing to investor dividends.

Modo Bloc


Modo Bloc has big plans. Our portfolio is ever growing and our current projects are gathering pace. We are continually looking for that special site or project to pursue.

Modo Bloc has grown significantly since its creation in 2010 and we are on track to double in size by 2021. Our growth has been organic and based on our sound ethos.

We see the extension of our team and the right partnering opportunities with investors and financiers as a key success to our continued growth.

Modo Vision


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